How to wear it: Elliott Reeder

The male model on staying at Moxys, layering up and why he always packs a skipping rope

What was your all-time greatest trip and what made it so special? 

My first big modelling job was a Ralph Lauren campaign in Miami. It was shot by Boo George and it was incredible. I was on one boat and the crew were on another boat taking my picture with dolphins swimming alongside the boats. Since then, I’ve gone back to Miami a lot for work. South Beach is just incredible. It’s like a film set. When I’m there I like to head into downtown to Kiki on the River for Greek food and great drinks. 


Which is your favourite hotel and what makes it so great? 

I work a lot in Europe, and I love to stay at a Moxy. I’ve recently been to the one in Bremen and the one in Lille. They’re not bougie, but they’re really affordable and minimalistic, and they’ve got a vibe: they’ve always got a gym and they offer you a drink when you get in. And I like the rooms, which look like they’ve got a UFC cage all around the outside, which you hang your stuff on. The Moxy is basically the hotel Shoreditch would be if Shoreditch was a hotel. 


If you had one style tip for travellers, what would it be?

I’m constantly travelling to different climates, never really knowing for sure what the weather is going to be like so I always take versatile outfits that I can layer up. Gilets are great for this and so are Uniqlo’s amazing long-sleeved T-shirts. 

What are your travel essentials? 

Wherever I go I always take an Adidas skipping rope so I can always train, and Linea Rossa sunglasses, which I can run in and wear casually. Because of my job I need to stay on top of my skin, so I always pack SkinCeuticals’ Phyto Corrective Gel, which is great to give your skin a boost after flying. I always pack Puresport CBD oil, which helps me to sleep when I’m in a new place, and a Cole Buxton tracksuit so I can travel comfortably. 

You can follow Elliott Reeder on Instagram: @elliottreeder

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