Our edit of the “his and hers” cold-weather essentials to ensure you brave the Baltic elements in style
An edit of the pieces you’ll want in your suitcase when hitting this effortlessly cool NYC spot
The Danes aren’t flashy, and they don’t need to be – because they are all so excruciatingly good looking. Honestly, the first time you visit Copenhagen, you’ll walk around slack-jawed, muttering to yourself: ‘This is where all the beautiful live.’ It’s actually slightly terrifying. The second time you go, you’ll vow to yourself that you’ll do your best to cultivate your inner Dane; try to be like them – or at least dress like them. Pack a few key pieces, and you won’t go too far wrong.
Whether you are navigating the rugged scenic landscape on foot or spending a long weekend with friends in a stone-clad cottage in the southern Highlands, Secret Trips puts together a wardrobe (indoors and outdoors) to help you navigate all the eventualities and adventures that Perthshire has to offer.
Whether you’ve bookmarked calm coastal resorts or bustling towns, you’ll be well prepared with these beachy sartorial picks

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