Precious places: Cassandra Goad’s St Sophya brooch

A diamond brooch, inspired by the wonders of Istanbul

Diamond-encrusted teacups and intricately carved pipes with gold filigree tips, Topkapi Palace in Constantinople is just one source of inspiration for high-jewellery designer Cassandra Goad. Each collection a love letter to a different destination the jeweller has discovered across the globe, the Turkey & Bulgaria collection is inspired by pipe-end detailing, places of worship and architectural wonders.

A gemologist, alchemist and adventurer, Goad is passionate about the grand traditions of the 18th and 19th centuries, converting moments in her personal travels into high-jewellery creations that feel contemporary and timeless. The jeweller’s St Sophya Interchangeable brooch is one such design, transforming traditional motifs into a luxury piece made to treasure. 

Designed from Goad’s sketches of a wall painting inside Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, the brooch embraces the beautifully iridescent golden hues, long-lasting quality, and eight-point shape found in the decorative mosaics of the building’s South Gallery. A common motif, the design is intrinsically connected to Turkish culture, bringing a small piece of Istanbul to the wearer. 

Crafted from 18ct yellow gold with facetted aquamarines, stunningly clear diamonds, and enamel on an interchangeable fitting for three rows of pearls, the piece can be worn as either a brooch or a pendant. This elegant versatility allows it to be passed down from grandmother to granddaughter and beyond. 

Strongly invested in the lifetime of jewels, Goad believes each gemstone should be bestowed upon a succession of future generations. Meticulous craftsmanship and sustainability are therefore of utmost importance to the classically elegant brand. Minimising the jewellers’ environmental imprint at each stage of the production process, Goad personally collects jewels on her travels, sourcing gems from small independent gemstone dealers and stone cutters with whom she has personally worked for nearly 35 years.

A globe-trotter, treasure-trove collector and an inventive storyteller, Goad is a designer with a pure and imaginative love for faraway cities and rich histories. Who knows where in the world her exquisite work will transport you to next…


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