Lee Osborne combines two jewels of the Ionian – island hopping between the more familiar territory of Corfu, which lies due south of the stilettoed heel of Italy, adjacent to both Albania and the west coast of mainland Greece, and one which seems to go relatively undetected on the tourist radar: the island collective affectionately known as Paxi, comprising Paxos and its sibling Antipaxos.
Photographer Phil Dunlop discovers that ‘calm waters don't make good pirates’ on his South American odyssey
Toby Wiseman cherishes the off-the-beaten-path charms of Corfu’s north-east coast, offering mesmerising seascapes and a gentle pace of life that can’t be matched
To stand at the North Pole is to look south in every direction, to have a foot in every time zone and reflect on what it’s like to be hundreds of miles from the nearest person. The nuclear icebreaker just adds to the fun…

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