What to pack: The Big Sur 

The ideal capsule wardrobe for a trip to California’s Big Sur and what to pack it in

The crimson sunsets and golden dawns. The swell of the surf. The glowering cliffs. The perfect crescents of sand. Big Sur is the most famous stopping point on the world’s greatest road trip for good reason; this is California at its wildest and freest, its most ruggedly beautiful. Here, the Golden State is still sunny and optimistic, but there’s something more muscular about it, something more heroic. The trick, then, to dressing around these parts is not to be fussy about it. The mornings are misty and the campfires burn long into the night, so layer up. You want to pack textures and hardy boots for hiking, as well shorts for the epic surf. And, of course, you need to be ready for the road. 

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