How to Wear it: Regis Guyot

How to emulate this gentleman racer’s wardrobe

Regis Guyot has one of those lives. He races old-school motocross bikes. He drives a vintage Land Rover round his home village of Guéthary in the Basque country south of Biarritz. He surfs the famous Parlementia waves that crash against France’s wild Atlantic coast. And whether he’s in a wetsuit or on the back of a bike, he does it all with the kind of effortless style that makes you want to throw out everything in your wardrobe and dedicate your life to being more Regis. 

Cotton and Cashmere-Blend Sweatshirt
Slim-Fit Selvedge Jeans
Merino Wool-Lined Nubuck Hiking Boots

What would be the route of your ideal motorbike road trip? 

I love to ride on the winding roads of the Lot in the south of France. The landscapes are sublime and change completely every 10 kilometres.

Brushed Cotton-Jersey Hoodie
Solms Jacket Faye Indigo Blue
Suede, Mesh and Leather Sneakers

Where is your dream surf destination? 

The Southern California/Mexico border. I would love to do a trip from San Diego down the Baja California peninsula. I’d surf Scorpion Bay on the Pacific coast, and then rent a motorcycle or a buggy and head into the desert interior. 

Where do you visit again and again?

In winter, when it is cold in France, I like to go to Bali with my family. Everything is different: the culture, the smells, the food, the landscapes. The sun shines, the water is warm and every day the waves are beautiful, smooth and long.

What are your travel essentials?

A Rimowa suitcase. White trousers. One of my Fay Archive workwear jackets. A denim shirt. And my Rolex Daytona 16520.

4 Ganci
Elkgrove 49 Sunglasses
Straight-Leg Linen Drawstring Shorts

You can follow Regis on Instagram @regis.guyot

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