Kate Baxter: jewellery hunting in Brooklyn

When we need to know about anything jewellery-related, our digital Rolodex instantly spins to Kate Baxter, the self-professed gem obsessive, consultant, designer, and founder of The Cut London, a fine jewellery platform featuring the most talented and coveted experts in the business. Born and raised in London, Kate travels the world in search of up-and-coming jewellery designers, and one of her favourite places to explore is Brooklyn, New York, where she used to live…

The first thing I do on any holiday or work trip is visit the local jewellery stores – the independent ones (where you find the good stuff) are usually in a lesser-known part of town, and definitely off the typical tourist trails. Erie Basin (named after the nearby old port) in Brooklyn is my dream hidden gem – located south of Williamsburg in Red Hook, it’s a treasure trove of vintage diamond rings and jewels from the 1700s to the 20th century, all hand-picked by the owner himself. There’s also now a growing “modern” section of engagement ring designs that I’ve been coveting from afar on Instagram – I’m dying to get there in person to see them in real life. The bespoke designs use antique diamonds and gemstones that are unlike anything you’ve seen anywhere else. The shop is now by appointment only, but you just need to email or call Russell the owner for him to let you in. 

Mociun, Williamsburg

Second on my list is a visit to the holy grail of alternative engagement rings – Mociun. Located on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg, Mociun was the original unconventional jewellery spot to visit when I lived there 15 years ago, and owner Caitlin Mociun just keeps getting better and better. It’s where I send all my jewellery-loving friends or anyone looking for an alternative-style engagement ring, one-of-a-kind gemstone cuts, incredibly rare coloured sapphires and diamonds, unique designs, and a gorgeous selection of homeware and ceramics. 

Head to thecutlondon.com to explore Kate’s incredible curation of rings and jewellery from some of the most talented designers in the world.

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