Drink – Naples

A bargain AperiSepe, a hidden cocktail bar and a bookstore that breaks out the bottles in the evening – our pick of Parthenope’s princely places to drink

Spazio NEA 

You’ll have to look for this Centro Storico bar, at the base of a beautiful staircase leading to the university. But, like much of Naples, what lies beneath is also of note. You’ll be well aware of the many sotterranea in Naples, from Bourbon days and before up to World War II, Neapolitans and their occupiers have hidden, escaped, stored, partied and taken refuge in the labyrinths of the city. Anyway, beneath the staircase is a gallery and purveyor of top-notch cocktails. Sit outside and sup the drink of your choice while taking in the lovely square it sits on.

Spazio NEA, Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli, 53; spazionea.it

Antica Cantina Sepe

This lovely family-run enoteca serves the residents of Sanità, where the streets are lit with the lyrics of Pino Daniele. Fourth-generation owner Francesco has kept the family tradition alive through one method: good times. On Thursday nights head over for Aperi-Sepe – live music and bargain drinks. Once you’re done, head up the road and admire the courtyard of the Palazzo dello Spagnolo, made famous by films such as Liliana Cavani’s La Pelle. Or simply sit back and soak it all in as the madness of Sanità screams and laughs and races past.

Antica CantinaSepe, Via Vergini, 55

Libreria Berisio 

Naples is a city of words and wine, so a stop here is a rather good idea. During the day, Libreria Berisio sells a well-curated selection of antique and collectible books, but as soon as the sun is below the yardarm, tables and chairs appear and the words become wine and cocktails. It’s just near Piazza Dante and is surrounded by other bookshops. You’re also just around the corner from Teranga, an Afrobeat bar and club that is an important part of Naples’ contemporary history. Its story is told in the documentary of the same name and it’s well worth a visit once you’re done at the Libreria. 

Libreria Berisio, Via Port’Alba, 28-29

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