Secret – Naples

Make like a local and seek out the ultimate Neapolitan pick-me-up

Acquafrescaio (image above)

Napoli is a city of excess. After a couple of days there, you will have eaten aplenty, and cocktailed aplenty and you’ll be ready for a little light relief. For that you need to do as the Neapolitans do and head to Acquafrescaio, an unassuming kiosk close to Teatro di San Carlo. Family-run since 1836, it’s currently run by Zia Carolina aka Auntie Carolina. Ask for the limonata a cosce aperte, which translates as “open-thighs limonata”. Made from Sorrento’s famous lemons, fizzy water and bicarbonate of soda, it erupts from the glass like a mini-Vesuvius and is the perfect pick-me-up after a weekend of excess. 

Acquafrescaio, Piazza Trieste e Trento

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