Top tables: Captain Pipinos taverna, Greece

Turkish architect and man-about-town, Emir Eras, loves to while away the day at this understated seafood restaurant set on an unspoilt Greek island

If I could click my fingers and be there right now? Captain Pipinos on Antiparos. It’s an old-school Greek taverna on the south coast of the island. There’s no airport on Antiparos, so it’s always quiet and the water is incredible – the colour of it. The beaches are gorgeous. I like to rent a house right by the water, but Paros is very close: 15 minutes by boat so you can just pop for a day trip. The food at Pipinos is very good. Try the grilled sardines. They’re so fresh, just plucked straight from the water, grilled and drizzled with olive oil. 

Captain Pipinos, St Giorgio, Antiparos; captainpipinos.com

Emir Uras is the founder and director of the architecture practice URAStudio; urastudio.com

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