Read the World: Remote Experiences

A new release from Taschen charts 12 far-flung destinations through stunning photography and personal accounts

There are destinations and experiences that every travel lover simply must check off their bucket list: sipping a Singapore sling at Raffles Hotel, marvelling at the majesty of ancient Rome, taking a moment of reflection at the Taj Mahal and walking through the jaw-dropping salt flats of Bolivia. But what of the more obscure, remote and downright inaccessible places planet Earth has to offer? The kind of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that will impress even the most accomplished traveller? 

Remote Experiences is the latest tome from Taschen Publishing. This hefty coffee table book charts 12 far-flung and off-the-grid destinations through the eyes of photographer David De Vleeschauwer and travel journalist Debbie Pappyn.

‘We go where the crowds don’t,’ the duo commented. ‘We explore what others won’t. Join us in search for the hidden, the uncharted and the remote.’

Replete with riveting personal accounts, essays and stunning imagery, the book offers the reader a glimpse into parts unknown, from the remote islands of Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean and Saint Helena – officially the world’s most remote inhabited island – to taking part in the ancient Golden Eagle Festival in the Altai Mountains. Sit back, absorb and feel inspired to plan your next truly epic adventure. 

Remote Experiences. Extraordinary Travel Adventures from North to South, £50, Taschen 

Gemma Billington is a London-based writer and editor 

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