Precious places: DMR’s Giallo necklace

An alternative symbol of love, inspired by visitors to Venice

The lovers’ tradition of securing padlocks to the bridges that criss-cross the canals of Venice is the inspiration behind DMR’s Giallo link necklace. It’s a romantic sentiment, but a practice the city of Venice campaigns to discourage, with concerns about the fragility of historic bridges, such as the Rialto, Accademia and Scalzi. 

With regular removal of the “love locks” now taking place, the Giallo necklace is perhaps a better, and longer-lasting, symbol of love to invest in. The elegant interlocking links are crafted from 18-carat yellow gold and exude a beautiful warm hue that gave the Giallo – Italian for yellow – its name.

Equally suited to both formal and casualwear, the Giallo necklace can be worn long or doubled up (as pictured), making it a versatile addition to any jewellery collection. Gift it to someone you love as a symbol of your unbreakable bond, or pair it with the matching earrings and bracelet for a complete look. 

Then on your next trip to the City of Love, pack it – in lieu of a padlock.

Giallo yellow gold long link necklace, £3,100; davidmrobinson.co.uk

Gemma Klasmer is the associate editor of Brummell magazine

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