Details: Discover the making of a perfect summer suit

In the realms of tailoring, brown is one of the most challenging colours to get right. ‘It requires a subtle balance,’ says Spanish craftsman Julio DF Mompó of Bloomsbury-based tailoring house Connock & Lockie. ‘Too much red and it becomes too warm, too little red and it suddenly can look quite dull.’ But while in Normandy, the bespoke tailor met Nathan Hellard, owner of French linen merchant Maison Hellard, and ‘we hit upon the perfect hue,’ says Mompó. ‘We fell in love with Terre d’Ombré at first sight.’ The pair subsequently joined forces to collaborate on a summer suiting project, with Mompó fashioning a bespoke suit from Hellard’s linen, with the Frenchman heading to London to oversee the finished result. ‘It’s muted and timeless, with a distinct depth. Classic with a twist, elegantly casual,’ says Hellard. ‘When the jacket is made up, it possesses a shirt-like comfort, making it ideal for spring/summer garments.’ What makes Maison Hellard so appealing to tailors is its unique drape and softness of cloth. ‘French linen is versatile enough to be worn everywhere, no matter the occasion: it’s airy, breathable and timelessly elegant,’ adds Mompó.

Bespoke tailor Connock & Lockie was established by cousins William Henry Connock and John Lockie in 1902 on London’s New Oxford Street. They have relocated several times over the years, but settled upon their current address on Lamb’s Conduit Street, Bloomsbury, in 2004. connockandlockie.com

Maison Hellard, headquartered close to Pau in SW France, sources its highly coveted linen from Normandy in the north of the country, which is then hand woven in Naples. It was founded by Nathan Hellard during the lockdown of 2021, with a mission to combine a timeless, masculine aesthetic with a soft-hand feel for comfort and versatility, to suit every gentleman and wardrobe.

Lee Osborne, creative director of Secret Trips, was on hand to document the creative union, producing this short video and accompanying imagery

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