Secret Somerset

Somerset’s answer to the wildebeest migration is the one of the world’s little-known natural phenomenon

Starling flock or "murmuration" above Ham Wall RSPB reserve in Somerset

The Starling Hotline

Every year as many as a million starlings migrate from the colder parts of northern Europe down to the Ham Wall nature reserve on the Somerset Levels where they take up residence from October through to March. The starlings leave the marshes of the nature reserve during the day to feed and return en masse in the early evening about an hour before sunset in stunning free-flowing formations called murmurations. Brilliantly, there is a Starling Hotline – 07866 554142 – which you can call to find out which part of the reserve the birds have been roosting in most recently. And even better, Somerset’s hidden gem of a pub, The Sheppey Inn in Lower Godney, is just a short drive away. 

RSPB Ham Wall, Meare; rspb.org.uk/reserves-and-events/reserves-a-z/ham-wall

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