Rocco Iannone: the human heart of Los Angeles

Rocco Iannone is Ferrari's creative director. Having previously worked as creative director for Pal Zileri, and as head men's designer at Giorgio Armani, he is bringing his experience in the fashion industry to Ferrari to create a pioneering clothing line designed to express the spirit of the legendary Italian car maker

When I began at Ferrari, the first thing I did was speak with its car designers about what the main inspiration was for the myth that is the Ferrari car. 

It was human anatomy. 

Our muscles, our calves, our lungs, everything. Like Leonardo da Vinci, Ferrari has always been inspired by human anatomy and by humanity itself!

So, my secret tip is in Los Angeles, the city where, from Downtown to Beverly Hills, you can discover everything about humanity. There you can find a mix of everything – landscapes, peoples and cultures. Every time I go there, I feel I can sense every single level of what it means to be a human.

For me, the heart of this city is the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), where I always find beautiful exhibitions and discover new angles on artists. The last exhibition I saw there was about Alexander McQueen. I had the opportunity to really enter into his soul and discover his inspirations: culture, populations, geography.

You can see Rocco’s work at @ferraristyle on Instagram, and follow him at @rocco.iannone

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