Nicholas Biebuyck: the best dim sum in Hong Kong

Nicholas Biebuyck is heritage director at Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer. With a passion for design, he worked part-time as an Apple Genius while he studied mechanical engineering. But when he was meant to submit his university dissertation, he was busy in Hong Kong visiting the watch resellers throughout Tsim Sha Tsui. Nicholas is no deadbeat university dropout, though – pre-TAG Heuer he worked as a horological specialist at auction houses that included Bonhams and Christie’s. Here, Nicholas remembers dining a long way from Switzerland, at his favourite Hong Kong eatery.

Since I’ve spent so much time in Hong Kong, many of my favourite places to eat are there. For high-end dining, I like Caprice in the Four Seasons Hotel. But I really recommend the classic one-star Michelin dumpling place Tim Ho Wan (which, incidentally, translates as ‘to add good luck’).

Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

When it comes to dim sum, you mark how many you want on a strip of paper, and they bring the food to you. You don’t need to speak much Cantonese, which is useful. And there are two clear distinctions: you have the mainland Chinese, and Taiwanese dim sum. For the latter you’d go to Din Tai Fung. But for Cantonese dim sum, Tim Ho Wan is one of the best places. There are two outlets on Hong Kong Island – one is central and the other is between Fortress Hill and North Point. 

Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

The last meal I ate before I left Hong Kong was at Tim Ho Wan in central Hong Kong. I spent about £30 and ate like a king. It’s a very authentic experience that attracts all kinds of people. Workers on the streets originally ate dim sum, so you get the locals eating there. You also get middle-class bankers from Central District, and then there are tourists as well. Hence, there’s often a long queue for the Tim Ho Wan in the Central Station.

Tim Ho Wan, Hong Kong

Tim Ho Wan, Shop 12A & 12B, Level 1 MTR Hong Kong Station, Central, Hong Kong; timhowan.com

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