Meg Gage Williams: Smart shopping in Palma de Mallorca

The British founder and CEO of Stick No Bills travel poster art says her love for Palma de Mallorca grows deeper the more time she is immersed in (her words) the most romantic city on planet Earth

Portrait by Gesine Haag

In this, her sixth year of developing her enterprise’s Europe Flagship gallery and surrounding satellite points of sale in the capital of the Baleárics, Meg Gage Williams shares her insider tips on Palma:

‘I love the larger of the two El Corte Inglés department stores in Palma. The vibe is as if Peter Jones married with Harvey Nics, with a Spanish twist. In collaboration with El Corte Inglés Alexandre-Rosselló’s management team and their immediate neighbours at Costa y Llobera 2 who are our Mallorquin joint venture partners at @posterprintworks – a Jules Vern style 120-year-old family finca, gallery space and print house – we arrange a complimentary glass of cava and pincho de salmon at the resplendent department stores’ superb Gourmet Club. This perk is for clients who are booked in for private appointments at Stick No Bills @posterprintworks to enjoy, either before or after they visit us and shop till they drop.

With both Stick No Bills and El Corte Ingles offering VAT return slips for clients visiting from outside the EU who make purchases over 100 Euros in value, we have helped reinforce a surge in year-round visits to the commercial heart of Palma from clever Brits and Americans replenishing both their wardrobes and their art collections while holidaying on this fair ‘island of eternal spring’.

Clandestino Cocktail Club

For a more discreet cocktail during the nine glorious cooler, quieter months outside of peak summer. Truly excellent mixology.

Clandestino Cocktail Club, Carrer de Sant Jaume, 12, 07012 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain

Portrait by Gesine Haag; Palma de Mallorca photographs by Lee Osborne

You can follow Meg’s Vintage poster art projects on Instagram at @sticknobillsposters

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