Julien Tornare: a remote Swiss mountain refuge

Julien Tornare has always been a watch man. He started out working for Raymond Weil, before spending almost 18 years leading teams at Vacheron Constantin in multiple regions around the world. Now, he’s back in his native Switzerland at the helm of Zenith Watches, but the travelling never stops. Here, he shares a remote place that offers respite from a busy life

It’s hard to choose one Secret Tip, but I’m going to share this one since I’m Swiss. So, my life is very busy, I live in big cities – and I love them – but sometimes I feel I need to retire a bit from the buzz. And this is often where I get the best ideas. That’s when I can take time for myself, when I switch off the phone and cool down a bit. There are two ways for me to do it. The first is going to the water – a lake or the sea, and the second is going to the mountains.

Hilly area, a house and snow

I know that Verbier is very hyped and well known, but there are two sides to it – there is the place where you have the skiing, the bars, the clubs, the atmosphere, and then you have a few places outside Verbier that are quite isolated.

One of them is a mountain where there is a refuge, where you can go and get some time and there are a couple of rooms to rent, and you have the most incredible 360-degree views. It’s a special place for me that is kind of secret. It’s called Cabane Mont Fort. And it’s a place where you feel that you are on top of the world. Quite impressive.


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