Eva Jospin: the best bar in Paris

Best known for her architectural sculptures made of cardboard, artist Eva Jospin lives and works in Paris, the city where she was born. Her work takes the form of monumental installations – see her recent Dior womenswear set design – inspired by her passion for primordial forests and the Italian Renaissance. We caught up with her at Le Carreau du Temple, where she was presenting Promenade(s), an exhibition in collaboration with Maison Ruinart. Jospin talked us through a series of artworks, drawings, sculptures, and embroideries aimed at exploring the boundaries between nature and architecture and celebrating the beauty of the terroir in the Champagne wine region. She also shared the secret of her favourite spot to unwind in Paris after a day in the studio…

‘Le Comptoir des Canettes, or simply Chez Georges, on the Left Bank is certainly one of my favourite spots in Paris. It’s a local meeting place and hub for regular customers of all generations and it hasn’t changed that much through the years. 

‘I grew up not far from here – in the 6th arrondissement – and I’ve seen many changes in this area, especially as a result of the gradual process of gentrification that started almost 15 years ago. Paris might not be as fast as New York or London, but things can shift reversibly here too. However, this place hasn’t changed since I was a little girl.  

‘There is a café upstairs and a cellar basement with intimate cave-like areas, usually crowded with regulars. The prices are very reasonable, so it’s popular with students. Everyone is welcome and the atmosphere is incredibly laid-back – which might be a rarity sometimes in Paris. The people are what makes this place feel so unique. You can meet older diners – from the most disparate creative backgrounds – sharing their experiences with younger kids and this is so wonderful. This place and its people preserve the memory of the neighbourhood.’

Le Comptoir des Canettes, 11 Rue des Canettes, 75006 Paris, France

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