Carl Cox: the thrills of the dance music scene

There are few true luminaries in the world of electronic music, but Carl Cox is most definitely one of them. The pioneering British DJ and producer has left an indelible mark on the global dance music scene, thanks to a career spanning many decades, consistently pushing the boundaries of techno and house music. He rose to prominence during the acid house explosion of the late 1980s and early 1990s, becoming a symbol of the underground rave culture, before calling Space, Ibiza, his home from home. As an ambassador and collaborator for Zenith watches, we caught up with him recently at the launch of the new DEFY Extreme x Carl Cox to pick his brains on the current dance music scene.

Throughout my career, I’ve been very lucky to perform at some amazing places. I played a B2B set with Paul Oakenfold at Stonehenge in 2018, and earlier this year I played at the Pyramids of Giza! But I would say that the sheer emotion of the last night of my long-running residency at Space in Ibiza will live with me forever.

Fabric, Madrid

I’m often asked what are the best clubs in the world right now, and it’s such a difficult question. Every night is different and every club I play at has something that it hopes will make it stand out from the rest. But I would say that, right now, the most progressive club is Fabrik in Madrid, where they are not afraid to try and push the musical boundaries further and are happy to help their crowd discover new electronic artists.

The great thing about dance music is its global appeal. The dancefloor is a melting pot of nationalities and I meet people from all over the world every time. Which country has the best crowd? I would have to say that if Dance Music was a country, then it has the best crowd!

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