The Cyclades: an adventure in light and shade

Photographer Roger Bool journeys from Syros to Santorini in search of the spirit of the Aegean

The Cyclades island chain is a brilliant place to take photos. There are the islands themselves, each one subtly different, but all of them deeply atmospheric and full of unexpected moments and wonderful textures. There’s the sea, the incredible shifting colours of the Aegean. And then there’s the light which is just astonishing. Warm and soft, it bounces off the white buildings so that you never need a filter to get that gorgeous golden glow, that feeling of depth and emotion. 

My trip took me to Syros, Antiparos and Santorini. Of these, Santorini is the most developed but it is an island of hidden treasures like the little family restaurants where the tables heave with food in shady, sun-dappled courtyards, and the white buildings make geometric patterns against the deep blue sky. By contrast, Syros and Antiparos are roomier and calmer. They’re islands full of shapes and textures that make for brilliant photos. Whitewashed windmills. Empty streets. Characterful old ladies making loukoumia by hand in shady little shops. Light reflecting off the water. Colour contrasts. 

Be it little boats in coves, or beautiful olive groves, these are islands where nothing feels forced. Go there, take your camera, and get lost in the light. 

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