Guide to: South Somerset

Exploring the beautiful county known for its good food and charming villages

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If Cornwall and Devon are the John and Paul of the south west, the big-name superstars that might just be a little too famous for their own good, then Somerset is the George, less showy than its big-name neighbours, but possessed of an under-the-radar charm that inspires deep affection in its devotees. In the past 10 years or so, a whole host of brilliant places have opened that have brought a metropolitan polish to Frome and Bruton, but this is still the countryside proper, all wellington boots, winding lanes and a hint still of that West Country weirdness, a place of wild woods, ley lines converging and a little bit of myth and magic in the air.

Dan Annett is a Somerset-born photographer, who might live in London these days but still loves pulling on his wellies whenever he gets a chance 

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